Is it a serious security leak for WordPress bloggers?

By WordPress default settings, anyone who knows WordPress blog administrator’s email address can put this address in comment required field, and make comment without being moderated as if he was the administrator. I think it is very bad design of authentication. It worries me a lot although none of my blog users pretend to be me so far.

I never publish my email address on the web to protect it from spam. But you can find my email address in many places – I print it on business cards, write it on CV, give it to people first met in pubs… Now I have to rethink how to use my email address.

I think password check is essential if someone is acting like the administrator in WordPress blog. If it can be bypassed, it means I have to keep my email address as my privacy.  Birthday is a privacy, residence address is a privacy. There are so many privacies to keep. And now, email address?

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