PayPal Spoof

I had an email from PayPal a while ago. I believe it was sent by some careless staff of PayPal. PayPal always remind people aware of phishing emails. At the bottom of the email, it says – How do I know this is not a spoof email? Spoof or ‘phishing’ emails tend to have generic… Continue reading PayPal Spoof

Cross-browser CSS

Today I did something CSS cross-browser testing. Here are some of my findings today. Validate Xhtml / Html before styling. I put form element between table and tr element which make it an invalid xhtml document and cause CSS rendering in a strange way in IE. (IE is generally bad in W3C standards but this… Continue reading Cross-browser CSS

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Open Office惨不忍睹

虽然我是 open source 的拥护者,但有人说 Open office 惨不忍睹,我也不得不承认。 在 Open Office Writer for Linux 下,按下 Ctrl + C 企图拷贝“邮编”这两个字,程序就死了。我试了好几次,Open Office 每次都死。这种毛病也真稀奇。

How Google group conversation is a mystery

我用一个 Google 邮箱 pop 另一个 Google 邮箱的1139封会话。Pop 结束后,接收方显示只有 1125封会话。当时我以为是某些会话没有 Pop 成功。经过一番核对,发现老邮箱里独立的某些会话,在新邮箱里被合并成一个会话。 于是我对 Google 合并会话的条件算法产生了兴趣,又经过一番搜索,发现 Google 对此算法讳莫如深。其实这算法有很大缺陷,Feature request 讨论组里对手工分拆和合并会话的呼声就很高。我也很想要这个功能。

Half constructed Magento objects

Magento 对象有个半构造状态。称之为半构造或许不恰当,但我一时找不到更合适的词来表达。 先说一个我以前碰到的问题:为什么在产品列表里的产品取不到自定义属性的值?因为此时产品处于半构造状态,半构造状态默认不加载自定义属性。只有在某产品所在的那一产品页,该产品才处于全构造状态。Magento 对象半构造主要是照顾速度。 再说另一个问题:甲产品是一个 bundled product,bundled items 里只有一个 option,该 option 里只有一个 selection,该 selection 是 20 件乙产品。我不明白 Magento 创造这么多名词干嘛,又是 option,又是 selection,暂且不管它,就按 Magento 层层 wrapper 来办。在甲产品的产品页上,要取得捆绑数量(20),可以这么办—— 如果甲产品是乙产品的相关产品,在乙产品的产品页上,要取得相关产品甲产品的捆绑数量,就无法按上述思路办,这是因为此时甲产品处于半构造状态。那么换个思路,这么来—— 以上代码微妙之处就在$_option = current($_optionCollection->appendSelections($_selectionCollection));,它把半构造状态的甲产品进一步prepare,于是就有了selections。


If server_name is something like “*”, $server_name is exactly “*”. If $server_name is passed on to fastcgi_param as SERVER_NAME, in the program, for example, php $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’] will be exactly “*”. However, _SERVER[“HTTP_HOST”] shows the value most of us would expect, i.e. the host name in the address bar. In Nginx, I have set up a… Continue reading SERVER_NAME vs HTTP_HOST

Nautilus mount

Nautilus is quite good, easy to use in regards to its mount feature. It can automatically “mount” Windows Share via smb:// protocol. However, some software, e.g. FileZilla (now can not read from or write to smb:// protocol. A genuine Linux mount is more helpful than Nautilus mount.