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  1. dear Grass
    Nice to visit your blog. I appreciate the magento data here. I am a beginner on magento and I post what I learn on my on my blog : Request your advisement.

  2. 你好
    我也在杭州 也是做电子商务的 呵呵 看了你的博客 能否给个QQ 常交流

  3. I originally came here while googling “buy two get one free magento addon”. And I find it is a quite good blog of all kinds of info which related to out daily life. Hey Dude, I love your blog!!!!
    BTW, could you recommend me a working addon for that. What I want is when customer put 5 items into the cart the cheapest 2 get free (buy 3 get 2 free).

    Thanks dude!

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