Why Google Analytics Dashboard Not Printing Out

About a month ago, I found I could not print Analytics Dashboard from IE (my version is 7 already). Every time I tried to print Dashboard, the browser freezed. I have tried different computers and different printers. The symptom is the same.

Analytics Dashboard is the only report I can not print from IE, but other reports are fine.

I can print Analytics Dashboard from Firefox, but the print layout is not as well formatted as it is in IE. So I have to use IE to print this report.

After I realise Flash 10 is causing problem of uploading images in magento, I think it might be same Flash causing another problem. However, this time Flash 10 is fine, but Flash 9 is not. As my test result shows, Analytics Dashboard can be printed in IE with Flash 10 installed. I assume the symptom is affecting IE with Flash version lower than 10.

I do not like Flash, but between Flash 9 and Flash 10, I prefer the former for now. I think a good program should work both on Flash 9 and 10. So I reported this problem to Google for them to improve Analytics. It must be some recent changes that prevent Analytics Dashboard from being printed.

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