Why DrayTek SmartVPN does not work in Windows 10?

Why DrayTek SmartVPN does not work in Windows 10? Well, it will work, but it does not work out of box. 

After installing SmartVPN in Windows 10, I set SmartVPN client to use remote gateway and DNS, then I can see VPN connection is green (as usual), and I can get public IP of remote gateway. However, the traffic is not fully routed to remote gateway. From the symptom I guess DNS is not routed to remote.

To fix this problem, I have to disable “Automatic metric” for TCP/IPv4 property of VPN connection, and manually set “Interface metric” to a figure that is smaller than the one of Local connection or Wi-Fi connection, whichever I am using to connect to the Internet.

The theory behind is simple – the smaller metric is, the higher priority of the route. By default settings Windows 10 cannot work out a suitable metric for VPN connection, but Windows 7 can. This is another proof of Windows is getting more stupid.

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