Google do not need windows. Neither do I

Magento grid is flexible to customise. A lot of options can be controlled by addColumn(). I knew the parameters could be header, width, type, index, but I just found a new one sortable. I am thinking where I can get a complete list of parameters for addColumn(). The best way I can imagine is searching magento source and find the file which contains all words of “header width type index sortable”. File search in eclipse can not do this kind search, so I am thinking google desktop search.

I have not used google desktop search for a while. Last time I used it, it only has windows version. Today I am glad find google desktop search linux version is available. Up to now, my favourite google programmes, chrome, picasa, and google desktop, all embrace linux users.

It reminds me a piece of news that google stop offering staff windows as operation system. I regard this is competition between google and microsoft, none of my business. However, google makes programmes independent of windows, which really benefits me.

What else left in windows which has to be in windows?

  • IE: it is shame our Chinese banks’ website only support IE;
  • MS Office: how many advanced users are using Office features which are exclusive to MS Office? Not many.
  • Photoshop: it’s a pity Gimp still can not beat photoshop at moment.

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