abuse and postmaster as email list

Google help有提到:

For your convenience, the Google Team monitors abuse@yourdomain.com and postmaster@yourdomain.com to ensure that we can properly address all reports of spam, abuse, and technical issues. If you’d like a copy of messages sent to abuse@yourdomain.com and postmaster@yourdomain.com, create email lists for both addresses, and add yourself as a recipient.

Since abuse and postmaster are reserved aliases, you won’t be able to use them as usernames or nicknames.

可我在读到这段说明之前,就建了两个email lists: abuse@mydomain.com 和 postmaster@mydomain.com,我并未想着要把这两个特殊地址创建为单独的邮箱用户,因为我觉得这样做有悖Google App Mail Best Practices。看来我和google想到一起去了。

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