3 international call saver coverage

With Add International Saver you can make unlimited (literately 3,000 minutes) calls from the UK to 31 destinations for £15 per month. You just need to dial 388 and then the international number. International Saver lets you call standard landline & mobile numbers in : Canada, China, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand and USA. You can also from the UK to standard landlines only, in Australia, Austria, Azores, Belguim, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Maderia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea and Taiwan.

写下这个倒不是推荐用 3 来打国际电话,纯属有感而发:3 388 国际电话服务在中国人群里口口相传就成了只能打中国的电话。我心想不太会吧,一个英国公司能把市场细分到中国人群单独对待,那真是了不起。上网一查,果然,服务是全球性,只是顾客领会产品信息是过滤性的阅读,所以以讹传讹。

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