FreeNote is the best signature making tool

I was looking for an app on Google Play Store to generate transparent background handwriting in PNG format, which can be put on an electronic document as a signature or watermark. It is either

  • to save paper – no need to print out a hard copy of document, write on it, then scan it back to an electronic copy.
  • or to use an existing Android touch screen mobile phone, instead of buying a graphic tablet pad and pen.

I tried a few apps.

Samsung Memo. It can only export JPG or PDF. No transparent background available.

Image Editor. It is slow responding to drawing track. Never record a complete handwriting. Useless. Too many bugs and Ads.

ShoDo. No transparent background available.

Adobe Photoshop Express. Too “express”. It can not open/save as PNG at all.

Handwriting. It can export transparent background PNGs. It is good. However, it always exports 720 x 1280 images on my test device, no matter how small writing. This requires another software to crop the images. So it’s not good enough.

Photo Editor. I did not expect it can export transparent background PNGs, as Photo is not transparent. However, I find it can open a transparent background PNG, write on it, then export as transparent background PNG. This requires another software to produce a blank transparent background PNG before first use. That’s not a problem. However, it is an ad-supported programme, which is a bit annoying.

FreeNote has options to transparent background
FreeNote has options to transparent background

FreeNote. I have known FreeNote for long, but before today I did not realise it can export transparent background PNGs. It does auto crop and it is ad-free. It does not require other software to do pre or post process. So it is a perfect solution.


IE5.5和IE6中,不能正确处理.png图片的透明背景,该透明的地方变成了灰色。微软有篇文章PNG Files Do Not Show Transparency in Internet Explorer,介绍用IE才能识别的滤镜效果对付这个IE bug。

如果想更多地了解.png问题,我推荐The PNG problem in Windows Internet Explorer。我从中了解到了.png和.gif尽管都可以做出透明背景,两者的区别是.png可以多色透明,.gif只能单色透明。