Save comma separated csv files in OpenOffice

I want to establish a protocol for my dataflow in Magento, part of which is “all csv files contains import data should be comma separated”.

OpenOffice is an efficient tool to edit csv files, but how to save them using comma separator? I found OpenOffice behaviour quite unpredictable, sometimes comma separated, sometimes semi-colon separated. Maybe it depends on csv original format upon opening or creating.

How to always save a comma separated csv in OpenOffice?

I did not find a way to make it happen by default, but it can be achieved by 2 steps:

1. Use “Save As…”, and check option “Edit filter settings”

Check Edit filter settings
Check Edit filter settings

2. Set comma as Field delimiter

Filter settings dialogue
Filter settings dialogue

xls is the best data import format for phpmyadmin

尽管我挺不愿意看到这个结果,但事实是 xls () 是在 phpmyadmin 中导入大量数据的最佳选择。xls 优于 csv 和 ods (Open Document Spreadsheet) 格式,尤其是在行数据差异比较大时(比如有 empty cell)。

尽管我用 Open Office Calc 生成原始数据,但保存为 Open Office 嫡出的 ods 格式再导入时,数据变得参差不齐。我正绝望时,试着保存为 xls 格式再导入,一切 OK。

回想 microsoft 所出的各种应用程序,确实有它强大的地方,至少有一点无人能及——在各应用程序间流畅地拷贝、粘贴。

Open Office惨不忍睹

虽然我是 open source 的拥护者,但有人说 Open office 惨不忍睹,我也不得不承认。

在 Open Office Writer for Linux 下,按下 Ctrl + C 企图拷贝“邮编”这两个字,程序就死了。我试了好几次,Open Office 每次都死。这种毛病也真稀奇。


曾几何时,我是那么地崇拜Microsoft,崇拜Bill Gates,崇拜Windows, Office, Exchange,崇拜Desktop 1000/2000/4000/8000…

现在,Windows仍然每天用,MS Office也是我用得最熟练的Office软件,vba我虽不精通,但编几个小function满足一下所谓的办公自动化的要求还是可以的。但是,考虑到将来,我今天正式作出一个痛苦的决定,不再投资时间在vba上,不再钻研Microsoft其他高深的产品,比如Microsoft Dynamics, SBS, SitePoint, etc.
省下来的时间我要全面拥抱微软产品的替代方案。对于像我这样已经被微软洗过脑的人,可能要花较长的时间来熟悉其它产品的设计思维,那就从现在开始吧。我想从最近的一个项目入手,用OpenOffice Basic替代以前的VBA,但今天玩了一整天的OpenOffice Basic, 连个对话框也没搞出来,万事开头难啊。

可能有些人早认为微软不是以后的主流,但我还没有100%确信这一点,现在退出我心里也忐忑,有点像赌博。我希望我的选择顺应了一种趋势, 我希望微软少了我就不行了,呵呵。

openoffice, staroffice, starsuite, which one is which?

I have been using OpenOffice for a while. Though I heard about StarOffice, I was not bothered finding out what it was until google includes it in a recent release of GooglePack. I am pretty interested everything recommended by google, so I downloaded GooglePack today, mainly for StarOffice. Then I played with StarOffice for a couple of hours, comparing it with OpenOffice.

At last, I mixed up StarOffice with OpenOffice. They are of the same sponsor, they have the same interface, and they are both free and open source. Although I read an article carefully about “OpenOffice vs StarOffice” features, the difference is insignificant so that 99% of users can’t distinguish StarOffice from OpenOffice. I am among those 99%. I think even the developers of StarOffice and OpenOffice are confused with these two Offices. They put documentations of both on StarOffice site, and divert APIs of both to OpenOffice site.

I came across another product called StarSuite, which makes conception even more complicated. In English version of StarOffice 8 documentation, it calls itself “StarOffice 8”; in Chinese version of StarOffice 8 documentation, it calls itself “StarSuite 8”, and I could not find any Chinese version of documentation which exactly titled as “StarOffice 8”. I assume these different language versions of documentation are referring to the same product, but StarSuite is not free because it includes some non-free extensions.