Crontab file does not accept variables

我建了一个每日自动备份的cron job,备份文件的文件含有系统日期`date +%m%d%y`,但发现crontab file里command不接受变量,导致crontab file这一行被忽略。

我只好把含变量的command专门建一个bash文件,command间接由crontab file调用。

Magento new version notification is annoying

It is exciting to see Magento new versions keep coming out once after a while. Magento notify administrator upon login, and administrator upgrades it, then Magento should stop notifying until another new version is available. The logic should be as simple as that.

However, currently Magento message is always active even after upgrading. It only disappears when administrator marks it read or deletes it. Very annoying, isn’t it?