Fed up with Actinic

Actinic gave me some trouble this morning. I was reported that Actinic crashed when uploading. My close investigation found that Actinic crashed at the point of checking catalog. No error message was shown on screen. A Catalog_version_number_date_time.dmp was generated but that meant nothing to me.

Fortunately, there were not many catalogue changes since last successful upload. The cause of problem was quickly isolated to a change of product sequence in a section. As a quick solution, I created a new section, and all products underneath by copying and pasting contents. It was not a desirable way, but what else could I do other than keeping away from Actinic?

A late investigation when I had some more relax time found that shipping supplement, handling supplement and shipping quantity of the original products causing the crash were changed to some ridiculous figures. I am used to this kind of ridiculous behaviour of Actinic, so I am not keen on finding out the further reasons.

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