I can’t find a way to group releted transactions in PayPal history download

I have tried all formats of PayPal Download History, and found “Comma Delimited – All Activity” is the most comprehensive one. I send it as an attachment for your review. My problem with this history is – every transaction has a different Transaction ID, it is not give me enough information to group related transactions. Basically, it is missing a column Parent Transation ID (or call it Related Transaction ID, whatever).

Some virtual terminal transactions have an update transaction, some don’t (depends on whether AVS matches). I can’t use any ID number to trace a update transaction back to its parent transaction ID, so I might calculate one transaction twice.

PayPal should improve its data download format. At least, it should provide an extra column of “Parent Transaction ID” (indicate its parent transaction if any), or “Unique Tranaction ID” (all related transactions have a unique transaction ID) for me to group related transactions.

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