Release on demand: new idea for courier service

On some ocassion, we need some kind service of “release on demand”. Courier service provider should think of offering it as a value added service.

The scenario is – We have some customers are desparate for some products, but they can not pay the money up front. It is understandable. There may be a problem with their card issuer at the time they place an order. If customer need the products the next day, we must dispatch one day earlier before they can sort out the payment problem. Most customers have good history – if they say they will pay, they will pay. We do not want to lose those customers. The best solution would be we dispatch the order once we receive the order, then the order is with the courier, and the courier must hold the order for us until we advise them to release the order. That saves time on route.

Will any courier be thinking of launching this new service?

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