Argos sent me two head boards of a bed

我从 Argos 订购了一张木床,奢侈了一回。可是今天 Argos 送货来,发现其中有两块床头板,竟然没有床尾板!

床是可以装配起来的,但看起来怪怪的。当初可是看中它漂亮的床尾板才买的,于是我越想越不服气,给 Argos customer serivce 写了封信,考验一下他们的售后服务。


I received my order today. Thank you very much.

However, it does NOT match the photo and the description of the product on your website. Your photo shows the foot board very nice, and description says “Features foot board with rail end”, but in the pack I received, there are only two head boards (no foot board). Although I can assemble one head board as foot board, the bed looks strange.

I would like to know it is an error in your fulfillment or an error of mis-describing your product on the website. Many thanks for your help.

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