SEO is in the centre of business

Blog helps SEO. I have decided to carry out an new ecommerce site using wordpress. From object-oriented point of view, wordpress has nothing to do with product, it would be hard to extend wordpress with ecommerce function. However, SEO is so important part of business. Anything helps SEO, we do it. We cut budget for ad on newspapers, televisions, etc, but we never cut budget on search engines.

Marketing industry may have over appraised the search engines. Maybe it is a good thing for people like me – with some knowledge of SEO, we make it happen. Website is optimised a little bit, at least in the eye of search engines. But the rankings keep changing and keep worrying bosses, so bosses counting on SEO staff, SEO consultants, SEO tools, SEO budget?

Oh, god, lots of money were stolen by our SEO consultancy.

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