Magento datetime picker is not picking up time value

Magento 用了 的 calendar 1.0 javascript,有个 bug:无法得到 time 的值。 calendar 已经是 2.0 了,单独使用的话,能显示和修改 time 的值。

我暂时没想好该怎么办:我倾向于用 jQuery 去增强 Magento(prototype 我也用不好,其他的就更不要说了),但 jQuery 现下的版本只有 datepicker,官方还没有 datetimepicker。试过很多第三方 jQuery datetimepicker plugin,没觉得某一款有 jQuery 的神韵。


  1. 我也一直想Magento做一个full jquery and full width page的base theme…

  2. I have an ongoing lpco (low profile checkout) project, which is theming Magento checkout with jquery. I also have an ongoing jqui project, which is theming Magento store front with jquery.

    I have no plan to theme backend.

  3. Hello bloger,I have a website sold cakes one line.i want know the order time and fetch time of the client. so I want add a new kind of option as timepicker to get the order time and fetch time. I wander to know if you make any sense about what i…..anyway,do you know some extension about timepicker in magento?

    Any help is very appreciate!

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