Best SIP client soft phone is GS Wave

I have tried almost every VOIP soft phone app on Google Play. Before I found GS Wave, I reckoned Zoiper app was the best soft phone, thus I paid for its premium version to get its premium feature of video call.

However I never got this feature working. I wanted to see the video from my video door phone on my mobile with Zoiper. My video door phone supports H264 video codec but Zoiper supports VP8 unless I pay Zoiper again just for H264 codec . Unlike audio codec while a VOIP server can translate audio codec between clients, video codec is said to be P2P. (There may be a way of video codec translation, but I don’t know how.)

I had video calls working between my video door phone and desktop SIP phones which are “hard phones” with H264 built in. And I had audio calls working on all devices. So I was not desperate for video on Zoiper.

Zoiper has a major defect. It cannot stay online 24/7 on latest Android version (I tested on two Huawei Mate 8 and one P9) or iOS. Many times status bar shows it is online but actually it is not reachable. Zoiper was reliable on Android 4.x.x. I guess Zoiper “forgets” to re-register itself when OS goes into sleep. For above reasons I am reluctant to pay Zoiper any more money.

Recently I visited Fanvil website and discovered Fanvil had developed a soft phone called “Vdroid” for free download. To my surprise, Vdroid integrated G729 audio codec and H264 video codec. They are premium codec as on Zoiper. (Later on I learnt G729 patent expired on 1st Jan, 2017 but Zoiper is still selling G729 for money. I knew nothing about H264.) However Vdroid has too many bugs and is not a mature software.

Then I thought other VOIP device manufacturers might have their own soft phones for public. I checked Grandstream, Yealink and Cisco but only found Grandstream generously offering GS Wave. GS Wave has both Android and iOS version, and both works reliably, and both has G729 and H264 built in for free! I cannot wait any longer to recommend GS Wave to everyone. Google Play is overwhelmed by other apps for search results of “sip” or “voip”, and GS Wave is nowhere in the ranking. But trust me, it is the best one.


We call Nexus 10 Google Pad

周围一些朋友都捧着 iPad,以致老婆说也要买一个。我始终觉得 Tablet 娱乐多过实用,所以一直不动手采购。后来儿子在他朋友圈里也接触到了 iPad,也嚷着说要买。我更不会答应。但是老婆有时被儿子嚷得烦了,竟然说,好,你表现得好的话,给你买一个 iPad。如此反复几次,我觉得苗头不对——要是我不动手采购,哪天老婆心血来潮,说不定真从苹果店里抱一个 iPad 回来。

既然阻止不了,我就有责任引导正确的消费方向。世界上脑残的人太多,于是 iPad 有机会成了 Tablet 的代名词,但iPad 我是绝对不会买的:离谱地贵、性能差、不合格率跟一个“高端”品牌不相称、制造商还出那么多惨剧,等等。

我也不希望儿子被误导或跟风 Apple。他或许还不能体会 Google 的同类产品要远远优于 Apple,我至少要让他知道,这世界上还有 Google 的产品。所以,我跟儿子说,你已经玩过朋友的 iPad 了,我再买一个 Google Pad (Nexus 太拗口),他的优点你要慢慢体会。

于是我飞快地买了 Nexus 10,他跟家里的 Google TV、Android Mobiles 对接得很好。我们家用得很开心,我们称呼他 Google Pad,再也不提 iPad。

Nexus 10
Nexus 10
Nexus 10 resolution 2560x1600
Nexus 10 resolution 2560×1600: 超高分辨率是我在众多 Android Tablets 里选择 Nexus 10 的主要原因
Nexus 10 Antutu score 11963
Nexus 10 Antutu score 11963: 远低于我用了一年的 S3 手机,有点小失望
Nexus 10 with keyboard case
Nexus 10 with keyboard case: 配上键盘、皮套才能算商务用品——如果拿 Nexus 10 只作游戏机就太奢侈了
Keyboard for Nexus 10
Keyboard for Nexus 10: 蓝牙键盘是经常被丢开的