Best SIP client soft phone is GS Wave

I have tried almost every VOIP soft phone app on Google Play. Before I found GS Wave, I reckoned Zoiper app was the best soft phone, thus I paid for its premium version to get its premium feature of video call.

However I never got this feature working. I wanted to see the video from my video door phone on my mobile with Zoiper. My video door phone supports H264 video codec but Zoiper supports VP8 unless I pay Zoiper again just for H264 codec . Unlike audio codec while a VOIP server can translate audio codec between clients, video codec is said to be P2P. (There may be a way of video codec translation, but I don’t know how.)

I had video calls working between my video door phone and desktop SIP phones which are “hard phones” with H264 built in. And I had audio calls working on all devices. So I was not desperate for video on Zoiper.

Zoiper has a major defect. It cannot stay online 24/7 on latest Android version (I tested on two Huawei Mate 8 and one P9) or iOS. Many times status bar shows it is online but actually it is not reachable. Zoiper was reliable on Android 4.x.x. I guess Zoiper “forgets” to re-register itself when OS goes into sleep. For above reasons I am reluctant to pay Zoiper any more money.

Recently I visited Fanvil website and discovered Fanvil had developed a soft phone called “Vdroid” for free download. To my surprise, Vdroid integrated G729 audio codec and H264 video codec. They are premium codec as on Zoiper. (Later on I learnt G729 patent expired on 1st Jan, 2017 but Zoiper is still selling G729 for money. I knew nothing about H264.) However Vdroid has too many bugs and is not a mature software.

Then I thought other VOIP device manufacturers might have their own soft phones for public. I checked Grandstream, Yealink and Cisco but only found Grandstream generously offering GS Wave. GS Wave has both Android and iOS version, and both works reliably, and both has G729 and H264 built in for free! I cannot wait any longer to recommend GS Wave to everyone. Google Play is overwhelmed by other apps for search results of “sip” or “voip”, and GS Wave is nowhere in the ranking. But trust me, it is the best one.


Huawei app store has gapps

一直以来我都以为要在 Android 上安装 Google 框架只能求助一些开发者网站,比如 XDA Developers。但我一怕病毒,二怕麻烦,总希望原装设备上开机就带有 Google 框架,所以智能时代我从不买中国的行货手机,因为它们没有 Google 框架。

但最近华为 Mate 8 挺热门,我也关注了很久,可惜迟迟没有国际版,直到今天才听说华为两天前发布了 Mate 8 国际版,但要在世面上看到它,恐怕还得几个月。

正嗟叹中,朋友告诉我,华为应用商店里就有 Google 框架下载,安装好就能像国际版一样用 Google 服务了。有这等好事?我想起之前 Grandstream 也是如此迂回战术,但没想到华为也会。我赶紧上华为应用商店看,还真有一个叫”谷歌框架安装神器”的应用。我拿老妈的一个国行手机试了试,很顺利地装上了 Google 框架。我又拿它来给 Fanvil D900 Android IP Phone 安装 Google 框架,也很顺利安装成功(安装之前要 root D900)。D900 买了两年,一直觉得是鸡肋,就是因为它无法用 Google 服务,当时我频繁联系了 Fanvil 技术支持,他们给我发了好几个 firmware 去更新,都没有成功装上 Google 框架,后来我自行放弃。如今被华为的”谷歌框架安装神器”一举解决,我怎能不兴奋。(不过今天后来我在 Fanvil 官网上下了最新的 D900 firmware,更新后发现此次的 firmware 已带有 Google 框架,只是 Google Play 未安装,但在根目录下存了一个 Google Play 的 apk,安装一下就好了,也无需 root。)

总之,华为能提供 Google 框架,让我对入手国行华为手机再无顾虑。顺便我看了看小米应用商店,没有提供 Google 框架,那就多劝人不要买小米呗。

google mail now support imap

今天才得知十几天前gmail已经开始支持imap。我对gmail的imap access盼望已久,在此之前我对gmail的评价是“什么都好,就是少个imap”,如今我对gmail的评价是“十全十美”——我不相信你还能找到比gmail更好的免费服务。