1and1 support is not professional

I am quite happy with Godaddy’s product and service. However, virutalisation time is coming and my current dedicated server is not fast enough. Instead of going back to Godaddy for a VPS, I choose 1&1 as my new supplier.

1&1 offer a slightly better price than Godaddy, but the cost saving is not the incentive of my switching supplier. I trust Godaddy better than 1&1. I think many people feel the same, which makes Godaddy has too many customers. It in turn overloads Godaddy’s servers. (Not efficient and responsive Godaddy’s servers forced me to learn a lot about CLI, which is good for me.)

My reason of being a 1&1 sounds odd. Anyway, I am now a 1&1 customer. But they disappointed me on the first day after purchase.

Before my purchase, I called 1&1 support asking how to order additional IPs because their standard checkout does not have this option. I was told I could order additional IPs after logging into my 1&1 account management (of course I have to purchase and get account open first).

When I got account open, I could not find a link to order additional IPs. So the first support ticket to 1&1 support is “how can I order additional IPs”. Then the reply is “no, 1 VPS can only have 1 IP”!

I have to write to them again to get IPs.

The good thing is the IP coming with 1&1 VPS is UK based. I prefer UK IP to US IP for GEO SEO reasons. Before my purchase, I asked 1&1 support “will I get a UK IP” and was told “no, because all VPS are located in America”. So, why I get a UK IP eventually?

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