Reboot is still the best remedy in Linux

Long time ago, I read an article about moving from Windows to Linux, the top differences a system administrator should keep in mind. I still remember one of the difference is reboot in Linux does not cure the problem as it does for Windows in 99% occasions.

However, today I tried to fix a problem after I manually compiled php 5.2.9 (phpMyAdmin stop working, server response 500 error). I lack of knowledge of configure, make install, so I decided to remove php 5.2.9 and reverse to php 5.2.6 came with Fedora. I like yum install. Yum make my life so easy and it can also install packages perfect for me.

php 5.2.9 executables was installed to /usr/local/bin (as php’s default), but php 5.2.6 was installed to /usr/bin (as fedora yum default). After I yum reinstalled php 5.2.6, I found

If I typed “php-cgi -v”, Fedora could find php-cgi in /usr/bin
If I typed “php -v”, Fedora still looked for php in /usr/local/bin

I did not know why Fedora behave so strangely. After hours trying to correct Fedora mis-behavior without success, I reboot Fedora hopelessly. Then what? Fedora now is willing to load php executable in /usr/bin.

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