Bkf is not found is not true

When I tried to restore from bkf file created by Windows in-built System Tool Backup and Restore, I was not aware another colleague was accessing (read access) this file. At the last page of Restore wizard, it threw an error with a nonsense error message – “(the file name).bkf Disk 1 is not found”. The error message scared me because this bkf file is my only backup file I have. I do not have any other file like Disk 1, Disk 2. If this file is corrupted, nothing else I can fallback.

I was released when I retried after my colleague finishing reading the file. Everything successfully restored when I had exclusive access to the bkf file.

我早该想到 Windows 的错误提示往往不是它字面的意思。

早就想用 Linux 的备份工具,但是很惭愧,还没熟练掌握,所以重要的备份还是在 Windows 下完成。

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