Actinic discounts.fil is giving away secrets

I have many good reasons to dislike Actinic. One of the reasons is – as growing up to an Actinic expert, one can also be an Actinic hacker. In other words, Actinic is not nicely secured by the vendor. If an Actinic user wants enhanced security, he / she will work ten times harder to close the security hole.

For example, Actinic does not have online database. Actinic keeps most of data offline, but it must have some data at server side, so itstores data in various files. This is a very doubtful approach. Of course all database software have bugs, but could Actinic file-based data do better than mysql, etc?

Another example, I recently found Actinic stops recognising coupons after an update. During diagnosis, I found discounts.fil under acatalog folder serves as data file for coupon code etc. acatalog/discounts.fil can be accessed by public by default. All promotion secrets are exposed to competitors / customers by analysing this file. Coupon codes are hashed in discounts.fil, and hashing makes all original coupon codes not recognisable. The Actinic perl script does not compare hashed customer input coupon with hashed coupon code in discounts.fil. It compares raw customer input coupon with hashed coupon code in discounts.fil (of course they will not match). This is a bug in Actinic.

I think closing security hole is out of most Actinic users’ capability. What is the point for an advanced Actinic user working so hard on Actinic?

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