I give up Godaddy’s DNS servers

When I first started with Godaddy, I used to use my dedicated server as a DNS server for my domains. At that time, I could only use Godaddy’s Simple Control Panel (Turbopanel in another name) to edit DNS settings. Simple Control Panel did not have export and import facility, which meant editing multiple domains’ DNS settings was time consuming. Over a period of time, I discovered Godaddy domain management GUI was so powerful, but I must use Godaddy’s DNS servers, e.g. mns01.domaincontrol.com, etc. I knew these DNS servers were slower than average (probably they are overloaded), but I really need a facility like export and import DNS settings. Godaddy domain management GUI could let me export and import DNS settings, so I was quite relaxed using Godaddy’s DNS servers for a long time.

Not until recently had I compared one of my websites using and not using Godaddy’s DNS servers. The benchmark score as per webceo report is 2 vs 6 (0 is the worst, 10 is the best). Using Godaddy’s DNS servers, the website DNS lookup time is extremely longer than if not. When DNS lookup is slow, connection, ping, and download are all slow.

Reading these reports, I decided to relaunch my own dedicated server as a DNS server. However, I do not like use Simple Control Panel to manage DNS settings. I spend quite some time research Godaddy Fedora server structure. Finally I find the named conf files are stored at /var/named-chroot/etc/name-turbopanel.conf and /var/named-chroot/var/named/forward.mydomain. So I can edit these files to achieve the efficiency as using export and import.

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