seven sisters

Minstrel is visiting me, so I accompanied him to seven sisters in seaford this afternoon. It was my 2nd visit to seven sisters. Nothing new except some photos. Due to lack of planning, we started from churchill square at 2:30 pm and visited seaford in a hurry. When we arrived at the beach of seven sisters, the sun was just set. We missed taking a photo with sunsetting at the sea line. (Don’t worry, I have many chances to take sunset along sea line photos at Brighton or Worthing.) We only spent 15 minutes at seven sisters, excluding walking time.

Herebelow are some photos of mine. (I can’t publish Minstrel’s portrait without his authorisation.)

seven sisters beach me at seven sisters cliff seven sisters cliff

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  1. I found 5 photos which were taken during my first visit to seven sisters in 2005 (in August probably). These photos were previously stored at MySpace. MySpace is useless compared with wordpress. Google won’t cache any page on MySpace, so I move all valuable material from MySpace to here. These photos are byproducts of this moving.

    seven sisters 2005 seven sisters 2005 seven sisters 2005 seven sisters 2005 seven sisters 2005

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