Create Effective Backlinks


  1. Use for creating your blogs. – WordPress has grate on-site SEO and blogs on get indexed pretty quickly. Once you create an account there, you can create unlimited number of blogs without having to register any new accounts.

    不指是直接使用wordpress.com的blog好,还是自己安装一个wordpress blog好?

  2. Write more then one post per blog. – Google loves backlinks that look natural and active blog that has your link in blogrol seems pretty natural. You can also include some backlinks inside blog posts linking to relevant parts of the website you are building backlinks for.


  3. Use Scribefire – Scribefire is grate firefox plugin that will allow you to write into your wordpress blogs from your browser. It helps a lot to have all your blogs listed in it and be able to drag-and-drop pictures from the web directly into your blog posts.


  4. Your blog posts don’t have to be masterpieces – Remember you are not writing content for readers, you are writing it for spiders so it only has to seem relevant to the topic.


  5. Promote your blogs – You won’t have much use of these backlinks if you don’t build backlinks for the blog. Luckily, building these backlinks is not so hard as you can use all the benefits provided by RSS feed. Submit your blogs RSS feed to as many services as you can that will create some backlinks out of it. It is also easier to do this when you have more blogs to submit at once.

    我觉得submit rss feed是最值得操作的。

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