Social login plugin for WordPress, which one is the best?

My client is asking a way to manage 3 WordPress sites in one place. I could use WordPress multisite feature by creating a network of sites. However, I felt difficult to control those sites when WordPress multisite was turned on. I would rather have those sites installed into separate databases but have a SSO feature. It is actually what my client is asking for.

I started looking for a social login plugin for WordPress. I shortlisted four plugins.

Social login plugins for WordPress
Social login plugins for WordPress
  • Social Login
  • Social Login for wordpress (LoginRadius)
  • Social Login & Social Sharing by Janrain (Janrain Engage)
  • WordPress Social Login (WP Social Login)

All installation, I found the first three plugins require create an account with a federal login service provider site of the author, I assume. Although a basic account accommodate 2,500 users or less is free, I do not want to create such an account. It adds risk – everyone can not login if the federal login service provider server is down. Meanwhile, social login is to eliminate create more and more account. I do not want to achieve this goal by creating an intermediate account myself.

Luckily, I have the forth plugin – WordPress Social Login. It asks me to create Application ID and Applicate Secret with each login service provider. That is what I was expecting.

It is a coincidence that all the first three social login plugins sit themselves in a top level menu in WordPress sidebar. Are they so important? I am not an aggressive person and I do not like aggressive software.

WP Social Login modestly sit under Setting menu. That is the way I like!

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