Enable desktop sharing in Fedora 18

I remember in Fedora 16, desktop sharing is pre-installed with the system. Now I am on Fedora 18, and I want to use it as a VNC server. I don’t want to install tigervnc-server. I just want to use the same one comes with Fedora 16.

On Fedora project site, it still says

To activate desktop sharing, select System > Preferences > Internet and Network > Remote Desktop from the user menu.

However, in Fedora 18, the path has changed, so I thought the name of desktop sharing might have changed as well, but I assumed it should be pre-installed in Fedora 18. It took me hours trying to find remote desktop before I found somewhere it says remote desktop comes in Vino. I could not remember what Vino was, but afterwards was quite simple:

yum install vino

Then I found Desktop Sharing in Internet (no longer in Preferences).

P.S. After I wrote this post, I realised I learned Vino 4 years ago! But I totally forgot it.

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