Block Ad By Hosts


  • Google Adsense 的广告也在打击范围之内,而我对Google的文字广告并不反感;
  • 我浏览的网站中,中文广告占很大比例,质量普遍不高,这份清单便宜了中文的广告商,对中文用户有欠照顾。


# This Hosts file has been altered to block ad servers.
# To restore the file just
# delete everything below the first entry or rename hosts.nbk
# to hosts and move it to the proper directory.
# Updated: scroll down for date stamp
# This is an ad blocking hosts file compiled by
# Mike Skallas (user245 (at)
# Available at
# Copyright 1999-2007. Please do not redistribute, use above link.
# Free only for Residential/Non-Profit use.
# Just add ‘ ADSERVER’ to the bottom to continue the list.

因为列表很长,竟然超过WordPress Post字数限制,直接post需要修改”wp-includes/default-filters.php” file,


//add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’);


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