Lack of EAV framework for php

最近我在仔细研究 Magento EAV 的机理。

Magento 的强大跟 EAV module 的强大有很大关系,花点时间去研究很值得。我还发现 Magento EAV module 中一些不足之处,但我无力改进。于是想借鉴一下其他的 EAV framework 是怎么实现的,悲惨的是,如果说到 EAV php implementation,似乎 Magento EAV 就是唯一一个成熟的开源方案。但 EAV java implementation 倒有一些独立的选择。

这是不是暗示 php 先天不足?尽管 Magento 让 php 在电子商务领域出尽风头,但这很可能是 php 的极致了。


  1. Recently I have carefully studied the mechanism of Magento EAV.

    Magento’s powerful with EAV module has a lot to the strong, take the time to study it worth it. Magento EAV module I also found some deficiencies, but I am unable to improve. So want to learn about how other EAV framework is implemented, tragically, when it comes to EAV php implementation, it seems Magento EAV is the only mature open source programs. But EAV java implementation do have some independent choices.

    This is not suggesting that inherent php? Although the Magento e-commerce field to php limelight, but this is likely to be the ultimate of php.

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