I am leaving Zend Server

Creating domain error after installing Zend Server
Creating domain error after installing Zend Server

I used to deem Zend Server is overall a good solution for php website development and deployment. However, over a year’s time I realise it brings so many troubles. It is not compatible with Plesk as shown in the screenshot. I can not solve this problem.

It stops yum on Fedora. I can solve this problem but, troublesome.

Do I enjoy any unique feature of Zend Server? None as I can remember. Occasionally I use “debug on server”, but it is a feature of Zend Debug, not of Zend Server.

Also, Zend Server pulls me back to Apache, to which I prefer Nginx.

Actually, I have no reasons to love Zend Server. So I decide to leave it.


  1. 博客很不错.
    博主为什么会有zend server呢?? 能说明下吗?
    难道是1.5的cdn需要zend server支持?

  2. 我接触 zend server 纯属跟风。运气好的话,就跟对风,比如,php framework 我跟了 zend framework,没跟 cakephp 和 CodeIgniter。单看 framework 本身,zend framework 不见得比其它的有绝对优势。但后来出了 Magento,我就庆幸跟对了。

    zend server 嘛,断断续续用了两年,没觉得有什么特性一定非它不可,倒有一堆麻烦,所以这风跟错了。

  3. 离的好,支持!

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