WD My Book World Network Hard Drive Is Not A Server

When I bought the WD My Book World Network Hard Drive, I was attracted by its giga network interface. I though it could act as a file server with fast data access rate. One of my office collabration program requires fast data access rate to improve the performance. However, as my test carried out, My Book World Ed.1 only achieved 45Mbps data transfer rate, which means giga network interface makes no difference to 100 mega network interface on this device.

To this point, I am very dissapointed at My Book World. However, if I just regard My Book World as an additional storage device or a backup disk, rather than giving it a tough data read/write job, it works fine. It is designed to be a storage, not a server. The only fault of the design is putting giga network interface on My Book World, or the designers should put a fast access disk into it to catch up with giga networking.

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