Ajax Layer Navigation module for Magento

有人要我对 Magento layer navigation 做些小修改,我觉得修修补补没有意义,要做就做一系列的修改,于是按我觉得可以改进的方向,列了以下几点。

Add ajax load/change products on page loads or filter changes (TODO)

Add option to show/hide category filter

Add option to show price filter as slidebar (TODO)

Add option to control price accuracy

Add up to 3 sort by’s (TODO)
(Someone already asked for a second sort by)

Add option to show/hide sort by’s (TODO)

Add option to or not to merge sort asc/desc into sort by dropdown (TODO)

Add sort by’s position (TODO)
(Magento native code can control filter attributes’ position, but cannot control sort by attributes’ position)

Add recursive walk-through function to sort by settings for category and its child categories (TODO)

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