Magento extension project: Grouped DIY Product

这是我用了 Magento 后站在需求分析的角度写得相对完整的文档,以前都直接 get hands dirty 了。

What is the motive?

We want to sell Christmas selections of products. Usually each unit product is of very low value, but the total value of selection is significant. If we pre-define the selection as a product, we can only create a limited number of selection products. Actually, we do not know what our customers want, so we leave the choice of selections to customers.

Why not use Simple Product?

As mentioned above, we do not think our pre-defined products will meet customers’ demand. Even we work hard to create hundreds of products, there are still millions of possible combinations left out.

Why not use Grouped Product?

Grouped Product provides a facility to add multiple products to cart in one go, but indeed products are added separately. Looking at the sales_flat_quote_item table after adding a Grouped Product to cart, I find each item does not have a parent item. Grouped Product is not fit for us because we have comprehensive promotion rules. Shopping cart takes more than 10 seconds to load when 10 items in cart. Customers’ shopping experience is even worse if they mix order Christmas selection with normal products.

There are also some limitations of Grouped Product.

  1. It requires Simple Products before grouping. Our Christmas products are nothing new but dispersed pieces of normal products. I have spent hours and hours in eliminating duplicated information between related products. I think it is extremely bad to go back to the old route duplicating images, descriptions, specifications, prices, inventory quantity and location from normal products to Christmas Simple Products.
  2. The price of Grouped Product can not be set, which means we do not have a control on selling price as a whole. Although we can still use cart sales rule for Christmas selection, it even slows down everything.

Why not use Configurable Product?

Configurable Product offers configuration over shared attributes. It is difficult to offer configuration over product choice, and NOT possible to associate products of different attribute sets into one Configurable Product. Configurable Product also require price difference being set up, which is not synchronised when associated product price changes. Its typical usage is to sell a style of garment offering XL, L, M, S, XS configuration (no price difference).

Why not use Bundle Product?

Bundle Product offer add-ons. Each add-on product quantity is pre-defined. Customers can only say yes or no to add-ons, but can not change the quantities. Its typical usage is selling PC with all-in-one printer, anti-virus software, insurance.

What we want to achieve?

  1. Define where unit product come from (from existing normal products) without creating another Simple Product. For example, we are selling 500 Santa-on-ice bags as a normal product. If we now extract 1 Santa-on-ice bag and add to Christmas selection, we just re-use all product information from the normal product.
  2. Define the selection freely and easily. Here is the list of fields for defining a product.
    • SKU of normal product
    • Piece Price (overwriting the price of normal product)
    • Piece Quantity (overwriting the Bunch Quantity of normal product)
    • Product name (We may want to describe it differently from the normal product name)
  3. Define an overall price (overwriting the total of Piece Price) to serve as lightweight promotion before adding to cart.
  4. If customers would like to know more about selection product information, they can click and go to normal product page.
  5. Allow drag and drop product thumbnails to give fun shopping experience. The progress of making choices is similar to a sub-shopping-cart remembering what have been selected before adding to cart.

What we do not want to achieve?

  1. No stock control on unit products.
  2. No price relations between unit product and normal product.
  3. No GUI customised for creating Grouped DIY Product in admin end. In the time scale, I am focusing on improving shopping experience in customer end.

Detailed approach

I call it Grouped DIY Product as terminology must be very clear – it is not Magento’s native Grouped Product. The new product type is built on top of Simple Product because Simple Product works better in the admin end. However, how order is assembled is closest to Grouped Product. Grouped DIY Product lives in the best of both worlds.

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