Magento extension: Root Category As Homepage

It is my first time publish an Magento extension – Qian_Rcah. By default, Magento prevent root category from being shown at frontend, not to say use it as homepage. I do not see significant security leaks if showing root category. There are some benefits using root category as homepage:

  • Layered navigation starts with a complete product collection on site.
  • Selective products show on homepage without prerequisite knowledge of cms block.

Download RootCategoryAsHomepage.tar.gz

How to install:
Copy the whole “app” folder to magento/app. That’s it.

How to use:
Log in Magento backend, go to System -> Configuration -> General -> Web -> Default Pages, change “Default web URL” to “rcah” (default is cms). Besides of root category, this module can load an arbitrary category page as homepage. In this case, change “Default web URL” to “rcah/index/index/id/ARBITRARY_CATEGORY_ID”.

How is it created:
This module is created by koukou1985’s module creator ( Thanks to koukou1985.

How good is it:
This module does not override any Mage classes. It is safe to use with other extensions as long as namespace and module name do not conflict.

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