Dull_Addressfields Magento extension

I could not edit customer order delivery address at backend using Magento Checkbox “Same As Billing Address” is always ticked. When I untick it, it automatically tick itself. I was able to edit it some while ago. What happened since then?

Half an hour later I found the problem was caused by installation of Dull_Addressfields 1.0. This extension was installed because I wanted to “Same As Billing Address” as a default choice at checkout. But even if I set “Default delivery address to billing address” to “No” without uninstall Dull_Addressfields. I upgrade Magento to 1.4. Problem remains.

So I have to uninstall Dull_Addressfields. Actually, with the skills I acquired nowadays, I can make “Same As Billing Address” as a default choice without 3rd party extension. But my boss don’t want to make “Same As Billing Address” as a default choice. Situation changed since I installed Dull_Addressfields.

Btw, Dull_Addressfields rewrites two classes: Mage_Customer_Model_Address and Mage_Sales_Model_Quote_Address. As Magento can’t safely handle two extensions rewrite a same class, I don’t want Mage_Customer_Model_Address and Mage_Sales_Model_Quote_Address to be rewritten by Dull_Addressfields (just to achieve a simple goal?). I’d like these important classes be untouched for future rewriting for important functionalities.

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