Zend Framework in Magento

The library of Zend Framework included in Magento under lib folder is not the genuine Zend Framework. Although I don’t know why Magento did that, I do know:

  • If I replace Magento lib/Zend with genuine ZF, Magento throws errors.
  • If I put geninue ZF in php include_path, Magento appends it to its own include_path, and Magento runs into fussy status. I notice email facility stops working. There may be more functionalities affected.
  • I have loads of code extending Zend_Form. I was intended to reuse them in Magento without rewriting. However, Zend_Form depends on Zend_View, which is not handy in Magento.

As one of caveats I’ve got from Magento, is whenever possible, avoid touching Zend classes directly.

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